bio: chantal is a photographer and painter
who lives and works in alameda. she was
born and grew up in the industrial north
of england and has lived in the bay area
for eight years. her love of the bay area
comes from its diversity of landscape
and people, and the sense of connectedness
she feels simply by living here.

although chantal is better known in
her community for her pictures of
children, this exhibit highlights her
landscape images. she feels a fondness
for taking photographs of oakland
and the east bay because it strongly
reminds her of the area she grew up.
while her landscape images are typically
devoid of people, she aims to convey
a sense of them through the sometimes
harsh yet often beautiful elements and
structures they leave behind. chantal
prefers black and white prints; a medium
she says accurately captures a
mood she wishes to portray.

she has previously shown work in
san francisco and oakland, but this is her
first public exhibit in alameda - she is
very excited about it. although relatively
new to the scene, chantal has studied
photography and reports to have been
taking photographs for as long as
she can remember.

chantal can be contacted at
copyright (C) 1997-2004 chantal currid.