Why make your own remote control instead of buying Canon's ?

Why not just for the fun of it ? However, here are some more rational reasons:

If you make your own it costs about a 25% less - ($15 as opposed to $20 at B&H) so why all this work just to save around $5?

Well, there are several reasons why I went to the trouble:
  • I can extend the reach of my remote control with standard
    headphone extension cables.
  • My remote control is more flexible in use than Canon's.
  • Making your own remote control allows you to choose the
    style of control that works best for you.
My aim was to provide separate controls for auto-focus / auto-exposure and shutter release, and also provide a convenient way of making long bulb exposures. I did this by using momentary push switches for normal operation, and added a non-momentary toggle switch for long exposures. The toggle switch allows you to open and close the shutter without having to keep your finger on a button throughout the exposure. I have been told that Canon's RS-60E3 provides this function by means of a locking switch.

If you don't need a long cable extension, and don't require the flexibility of building your own remote, or you don't know what a soldering iron is, then I would advise you to buy Canon's RS-60E3. After all, it doesn't cost that much more.

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