The RC-1 remote control

Canon market an infra-red remote control, the RC-1, for the Elan II, IIE, 50, 50E.

I have an RC-1, and it did work well until I accidently dropped it, which is one of the reasons why I built my own remote.

Advantages of the RC-1 include:
  • the price ($20 at B&H)
  • you have an option of a two second delay before the picture is taken.
  • the size and weight (60 x 25 x 12.3 mm, 15.5g)
  • bulb feature: when used on bulb setting, a single press of the RC-1 release will open the shutter, and a subsequent press closes it.

Disadvantages include:
  • having to always press the self-timer/remote control button which only stays set for four mins. (It can be really annoying if you are waiting longer than 4 mins for action and you have to continuously remember to press it again)
  • will only operate up to 5 meters from the camera, and cannot be extended.
  • will only work if the remote is in front of the camera (although you can bounce the beam off a mirror). The remote needs to have line of sight to the infra-red sensor on the camera; since the sensor is located near the auto-focus assist light, this can give you little margin for error when using long lenses.
  • fragility. The RC-1 is small and light; my RC-1 did not survive a drop onto tiling from a height of around 1 meter.

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